The Best Medicine

Last week I started feeling better, and just in time, too, as I had tickets to see David Sedaris at the Carolina Theater here in Greensboro (that stunning venue pictured above).

To say I’m a David Sedaris fan would be a gross understatement. I am fairly obsessed with the man and his writing. I own all his books, have seen him live multiple times and would probably drive past his house on the reg if he lived stateside.

Per usual, he did not disappoint, and I spent the two hours he was on stage laughing my ass off and totally forgetting any of my problems.

After the show, I chickened out on meeting him during the book signing (I am way too starstruck). When I do finally meet him, I have a story of my own to tell him, which I’ll share here.

About 10 years ago I was working in features at The News & Observer in Raleigh, where Sedaris grew up. I was given the assignment of writing a review of his sister Amy Sedaris’ (Strangers With Candy, anyone?) book. The day my review ran, I came to work to find a voicemail from Lou Sedaris, David’s and Amy’s dad. He said he really enjoyed my review of his daughter’s book and thought I did a good job. I nearly fell out of my chair! The elder Sedaris features prominently in David’s stories, so it was like having one of your favorite book characters call to give you a compliment.

I told my colleagues about the message, and the assistant features editor at the time laughed and told me that was probably the first time he’s left a message that wasn’t angry! Ha!

If you’re not familiar with Sedaris and enjoy hilarious (and often profane) essays, I highly recommend checking him out.


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